Little Piece Of Paradise In Old Glen Allen

Dated: 06/27/2017

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The Cultural Arts Center’s tag line is, “Celebrating the best of the visual and performing arts”. And boy is it true. This little piece of paradise in ‘Old Glen Allen’ has so much to offer. On Mountain Road, just off of I-295 at the Woodman exit, the CAC hosts a variety of galleries, performances, and classes as well.

Adult, teen, and youth classes are offered year round. Adults have a plethora of choices, from paper art, to glass, to jewelry, and even happy hour art. That’s my kind of art class! For teens, there are some of the above as well (minus the happy hour) and plenty of summer camp options. And even for our beloved youth, their choices include      confectionery arts…yum.

Currently, “Vibrance” by Brickworkz is available, which is Lego Art. These creations are incredible and impressive and appropriate for the whole family. But get there soon, it ends Sunday, May 21.

For the rest of the month in the Slantwall Gallery is the, “Through the Arches” exhibit by Mike Haubenstock. The Midway and Glass Door Galleries have their own exhibits currently through June 16 – “Color Merge” by Lynda Ray and “Raise Your Glass” by Gerry Alferio, respectively.

It’s not hard to find something for the whole family to enjoy. If you want to check them out more, they are on all major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or you can reach them at 804-261-2787 (ARTS) and of course online at Also obtain a copy of their 2017 brochure

Cultural Arts Center Season Brochure

The neighborhoods near the Cultural Arts Center are well established with tree-lined streets, the nooks and crannies of cul-de-sacs, and an old-town feel in the up and coming area of suburban Richmond. The service station, the Glen Allen Market, the old post office. They help us to take a step back, slow down, and enjoy the beauty around us.

If you’re interested in a home in this area, give us a call at 804-537-0111 and we’ll help you navigate the process.

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