Diamond In The Rough

Dated: 06/27/2017

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Not that kind of diamond. But THE diamond. The home of the Flying Squirrels. There is a love of the game in this city. The Squirrels have been here since 2010. Richmonders seem to have really embraced the team, even having a part in their naming.

After the Richmond Braves left for Georgia in 2009, the Flying Squirrels filled the gap. They are a minor league affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. Nutsy is the infamous mascot (and don’t forget his lady friend Nutasha).

The neighborhoods around The Diamond are growing and improving. Scott’s Addition, Newtowne West, and Northside.

Scott’s Addition is roughly bordered by Boulevard, Cutshaw Ave, and Richmond-Fredericksburg-Potomac Railroad. It is also the hot spot for growth right now. With breweries, storefronts, businesses, and homes all popping up. The community itself is booming and has events, grants, and projects to improve this corner of Richmond.

Newtowne West – North of Broad, South of I95/I64, between Hermitage Road and Lombardy Street. This neighborhood was selected in 1999 to be part of Richmond City’s Neighborhoods in Bloom program. It is going through quite the revitalization at this time.

Northside is somewhat of a vague term. It is typically thought of as including neighborhoods like Barton Heights, Sherwood Park, Washington Park, etc. But more recently tends to include parts of both Henrico and even Hanover Counties as well. So the Northside covers the most area, which also means it has a lot to offer. Joseph Bryan Park, Richmond International Raceway, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, and much more.

Writing about one thing (The Diamond/The Flying Squirrels) in Richmond is difficult. There is so much to offer in this historical, cultural, flourishing city.

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