Choosing The Right Neighborhood

Dated: 04/19/2018

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   Choosing and buying a new home is stressful. We all know that. But first you have to choose your favorite neighborhood, or subdivision, that you will probably live in for the next 5 to 10 years. Challenging to say the least.

          Here are a few guidelines to help get you started...

1. If you have school age children, research the school websites for the best school for your family. Keep in mind that some sites are from the  school district. They will be very detailed with school scores and statistics.  Others are written from the parents' perspective. A combination of the two is probably ideal. Also consider the ages of your children. For example, if you have a newborn, you will have 5-6 years before she/he will go to school, so focus on the elementary schools. If your child is in middle school, then concentrate on the high school.

2.  Because of Fair Housing Laws, your Realtor should not tell you about demographics or a neighborhood, what type of people live there, religious affiliation, etc. You get the idea. So finding out about a neighborhood is on your shoulders and up to you to do the research. Some things you can do are visit the neighborhood various times of the day to get a "peek" at the neighbors. Maybe go on a weekend afternoon, gorgeous weather, and look for people walking their dogs and actually speak to them! Take a walk in your favorite neighborhood. I'm sure you'll find lots of surprises!

3.  Drive the perimeter of the area in which you are thinking of moving to. Find the grocery store, drug store, dry cleaners: Go in all of them. Talk to everyone! Pretty much all people like to talk about what they know, and especially like to give opinions!

4.  Find the neighborhood park. Bring your kids or dog there for an hour or so. Don't have kids? Borrow a friend's, take your niece or nephew. None of those either? Take a book and plop yourself on a bench. Be friendly. Ask questions. Or just watch.

           I hope this helps you in finding your perfect neighborhood. If you need more assistance, reach out to me!

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